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Welcome to my blogmare!

Welcome to the Pigskin Academy official blog. I hope we can discuss interesting topics that are football related or even introduce a new subject. With the new football season upon us there should be plenty to talk about.   I hope my website site http://www.pigskinacademy.com will help you learn more about the game of football. We have easy to find info on the history of the game, the evolution of pro football, the history of the NFL including other leagues like the AFL, AAFC, WFL, USFL and XFL. Learn basics from Football 101 or the rules page for NFL officials signals. Quickly access the results of all Super Bowls, the teams that played, the location and the Super Bowl MVP’s. See every member of the Hall of Fame listed by the year inducted, a list of Top 10 NFL records and Top 10 record holders. Enjoy the Trivia section and test your knowledge.

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  1. June 26, 2010 at 12:02 am

    Thanks for visiting my blog page. I hope we can find interesting things to talk about with the NFL preseason looming upon us. During this down time check out my main website and study up on your favorite teams,

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